Friday, October 14, 2005

An apple a day

The Vol-in-Law and I went to the grocery store today and there were some really good deals on apples and it's apple season. I like tart apples, crisp and not too sweet, full of apple flavor.

There were loads of different varieties in the store, Royal Gala, Delicious, Pink Lady, Braeburn and others, but I saw my favorite and announced my preference.

"I like Cox," I said.

Pause. Turn to Vol-in-Law. "Yes," he says. Cringe.

This happens every year.


St. Caffeine said...

Totally unrelated to apples, but what's your opinion of Robert Earl Keen? Don't ask why. I sent you an email asking this, but I figured you might see a blog comment sooner.

Vol Abroad said...

Hiya, tried to email you but it bounced. Yes I like REK