Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Volunteer warning to Jack Straw

Well, there might have been any number of things I could have written British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw about over the years, but what prompted me? The Tennessee-Alabama game.

Yes, Jack Straw is going to be touring around Alabama this weekend with Dr Condaleeza Rice. No doubt the eeevil Dr Rice will be trying to put bad ideas in head (e.g. invade Iran), but she will probably also try to convince him of something worse – supporting the Alabama team. She may well try to get him to wear an Alabama sweatshirt (or at least a crimson tie), and she’ll probably encourage him to say evil things - R*ll T!d@ and such like.

I wrote to Jack Straw today (sadly he’s not my own MP) with a real letter (it's been so long) to warn him of these nefarious plans and advise him to wear orange. I just hope it reaches him in time.

Hat Tip: St Caffeine with this link and The High Country Conservative
*Also check out the VOLuminous poll in advance of the big game, which wouldn't be a big game if they hadn't got better and we weren't just a teeny bit lame this year.


St. Caffeine said...

Vol, Vol, Vol, ... You have got to get over this obsession with UT football! Two things should temper your excitement, especially for this game:

1. Bama is going to ROLL TIDE all over the Vols.

2. Phil Fulmer is the devil. Really, I'm a Baptist and we're trained to spot ole Lucifer no matter his guise.

Anonymous said...

Baptist? Then how did you guys miss GW Bush?
(That's missing the boat big time!)

Vol Abroad said...

Right - normally I discourage profanity in this blog - things like R*ll T!d@, that makes my eyes hurt.

As for Phil Fulmer as the devil, I'm beginning to think that maybe he has been posessed - where's the real Phil? The WINNING Phil?