Thursday, October 20, 2005

David wins Tory leadership race

Well, it's Davids all around. Both David Davis and David Cameron have gone through to the final selection by Tory membership.

Yesterday, it was rumoured that David Davis might drop out if David Cameron came through to the final two. But there's no sign of that. Both will have to troop around the country now convincing the general membership that he's the man to run the Conservative party.



Sam said...

Who is the better David to run the party?

Vol Abroad said...

Cameron is more like Blair (I think), who - whatever you think about his policies - has been a very effective leader of the Labour party. Cameron's a good talker and that really matters in British politics. But he doesn't really have much experience.

I'm think that with Cameron at the lead, the Tory party will be more 'electable'.