Saturday, October 22, 2005

The sad death of Fluffy the Cat

This week in the UK, Holly Thacker, mother of two was sentenced to six weeks for killing the family cat Fluffy by putting it in the washing machine and turning it to the highest temperature setting 90 degrees Celsius.

She was turned in by her ex-husband after she bragged to him, laughing, that they no longer had a cat.

The cat died horribly. You can read more about it in the Sun, but cat lovers be warned that this link shows a picture of Fluffy's body and describes her death in graphic detail. For a tamer, but still disturbing, version of events see the BBC story.

In England, a nation of animal lovers, this has been BIG news. BIG, BIG news. Many people have said that six weeks is not enough for Fluffy's killing. Tough new animal legislation has passed recently, putting a much greater duty of care on animal owners. And many Brits think that people should serve far more time for this degree of animal cruelty.

I would tend to agree that Ms Thacker should have a stiffer sentence, but not for the same reason. I love cats. I have two. I can't imagine what kind of person would do that to any vertebrate (lobsters a whole 'nother story). I feel bad if I accidentally knock one of my cats when they get underfoot. But I think six weeks is a fair sentence for what she did. Fluffy was, after all, only a cat.

But she should have more time in the clink for what she did to her kids. Ms Thacker has two children, 5 and 15, and she boiled Fluffy alive in front of them.

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