Monday, October 31, 2005

Random thoughts


Well, y'all. My actual Halloween hasn't turned out to be very exciting. I ran a small event today and handed out candy. We had two trick-or-treaters. And now we have lots of leftover candy.

I had too much and now I feel a little queasy.

SCOTUS nomination:

That Alito guy sounds a little mean. CE Petro at Thoughts of an Average Woman calls him Alito the Hun. I'm laughing, that's funny. The rest of her post isn't so funny. Well, he's qualified anyway, I guess.

Can't we have Harriet back? She seemed kinda nice. Even though the Bush Administration said she had 'conservative credentials', I bet once Ruth Bader Ginsburg got her in the Ladies and put a little word in her ear, she would have come through with some good, (or well, maybe not eeevil), decisions.

Vol news:

Bye-bye Randy Sanders. I hope that works. No more seasons like 2005.

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