Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is that a fact?

Over at St Caffeine's blog - he's got a few bits of trivia for you, including this one:

Speaking of bragging rights, ... Lawrenceburg, TN is home to one of only two monuments to the Mexican-American war in the U.S. Also, scant yards to the south, one will find what some claim is the ONLY statue of David Crockett in the country. I find that hard to believe, but it's the tale we tell.

I've been hanging out a lot with Texans these days, and Texans well, they don't have to hunt around for bragging rights, they just make them up. They like to celebrate themselves and their "nation" at every opportunity. Including Texas Independence Day.

I like to remind the Texans, that if it weren't for Tennesseans, why, there would be no Texas. For it was we Volunteers who went down and saved them from the Mexicans allowing them a brief flirtation with Independence before they came back to the fold of their older and wiser brothers in Tennessee.

The occasional literate Texan will trot out what ol' Davy said when we Tennesseans failed to return him to the legislature.

You may all go to hell, I will go to Texas.

They cite this as evidence that Davy had somehow renounced his Tennessee-ness and became Texan on the spot.

Uh-uh, no way, you don't understand. Tennesseans are ornery, I say. Running off to Texas when your luck has dried up or indeed being run off to Texas when everyone else's patience has worn thin, is an ancient and revered Tennesseen tradition. I have several cousins, aunt and uncles who've had to hang their heads in shame in the Lone Star State, cooling their heels until they could come back home.


St. Caffeine said...

Here's a TX bit for you. I don't know if this is true, but some of my TX friends told me that when they agreed to join the Union, Texas reserved the right to later split into (I think) 4 states. Have you heard that? If it's true, then I'd think the TX pols might be tempted to do that at some point. Could you imagine the potential power shift in the Senate if what we now know as TX went from 2 senators to 8? Yeah, Austin might elect a Dem, but I'm figure it'd be a red shift.

Vol Abroad said...

I never heard that. That's intersting