Monday, October 17, 2005

Don't y'all have some assets to seize?

I love the old web stat checker. I'm a big fan of graphs and stuff, but what I like best are the keywords people use to get to my site.

For example, today someone in Holland landed on my blog looking for "DVLA replacement license expat abroad". I don't think they'll find much encouragement from that post.

But the best... the very best search was someone from the US Treasury, in its Executive Office of Asset Forfeiture (did anybody know there was such an office?) ended up at the home of The Vol Abroad by using this search term:

ugly UT vol fan photos

No way! I'm really hurt. This administration is even suckier than I thought if that's the Federal outlook. We're all beautiful. Orange is so flattering.

Here's what you get on Google images with that search string. Ha! Perhaps he/she should have checked out Preston's post from last Monday at Six Meat Buffet, Kenny seems a little rough, but all the fans are good lookin'.

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genderist said...

I'm sure he was looking for the other UT--- Univ of Texas.