Monday, October 03, 2005

Vol-in-Law's Fox-Flash!

Update on the Fox situation: After Vol had left to go to work this morning, post the situation described below, I looked out the window and saw a large (but young) fox in the garden. It was rather attractive, red not garbage-bin-black. It went into the bushes near the shed. Then I realised our young cat Fancie was on top of the shed, staring down worriedly. I reckoned the fox couldn't get Fancie on top of the shed, so I just watched. The fox then re-emerged and jumped onto the compost bin by the shed, from which it was a small step to a delicious cat-shaped treat. So that's when I acted, striding out. The fox jumped over the fence and away. After a second, Fancie went leaping after it in hot pursuit and disappeared from sight (and all hope of rescue).

Aghast, I looked to our old cat, Esme. We shared a look of commiseration. I fancied Esme had a resigned expression to match my own.

"Oh, That Fancie..." we said.

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